Marc Portney, is an American Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Advisor.

His street smart insights and deep knowledge of the retail landscape are invaluable when assessing the commercial viability of new products.

As President of Globalsource Infrastructure Partners, an international player in product development, manufacturing and sales, Portney works diligently to bring new products to market. With over 30 years of experience, his street smart insights, body of contacts and expert knowledge of the retail landscape enable him to lead GlobalSource Infrastructure Partners and it’s affiliates from concept to store shelf.

Portney also heads a group of venture capitalists who will participate in any size deal that he feels is worthy.

In 2014 Marc was chosen to be a host and resident investor on Discovery Science Channel’s new series, All American Makers. Each week, the show featured four amateur inventors, eager for an opportunity to take their product to market. Each inventor’s product was shown to consumers, broken down, and examined to test their mettle and ultimate marketability. Marc and his team of savvy experts then decided if any of the inventions merit financial investment. 

Marc has made regular appearances on the Home Shopping Network, introducing new products and inventors to this specialized market. In 2015, HSN asked Marc to be a host, alongside other entrepreneurial luminaries, on their new series “American Dreams”. The format brings on new innovations and makers while utilizing the hosts’ expertise and guidance.